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Polaris Networks moulds minds and lives, not by pushing its employees to follow others but by encouraging and giving them the freedom to follow their dreams. The company provides a good compensation package, but the Employee Benefits structure is even better; the best initiatives are taken by the HR department while designing the benefits program keeping in mind employee's needs as well as employer's objective. So here goes the list:

Family Health Insurance Coverage With the rising costs of health care these days, it is imperative to have a medical coverage for all. The Company provides mediclaim coverage for its employees and their family members.
Interest-free loan The Company extends the benefit of interest-free loans to its employees in cases of unforeseen contingencies and for other purposes.
Annual Health Check-up Health benefits are considered as the foundation of any benefit program design. When considering the root issues of all absenteeism from the workplace, most employers agree that illness is cited most as the cause. Healthy employees are productive employees and to ensure that they are in good shape, health-wise, annual health check-up programs are organized every year.
Employees Provident Fund and Gratuity Employees can opt for Provident Fund Benefits under the provisions of Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. Employees are also eligible for Gratuity pay-outs at the time of separation as per the provisions of The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.
Advanced Study Program Being a research-based organization, the company emphasizes learning as an integral part of every employees' job role here. The onus is not just on the organization but also on the employees to continuously hone their skills, knowledge and abilities. The company encourages and sponsors its employees to enroll for higher and advanced studies from recognized and esteemed institutes and universities.
Bonus Schemes With an assorted basket of different bonus schemes, employees feel rewarded and valued by the organization. These bonus schemes can be either performance linked or designed with the objective of profit sharing.
Employee Referral Bonus Program Talented employees are the foundation of a successful business, but finding the right resource can be challenging at times. An employee referral program, whereby employees recommend qualified friends, relatives or colleagues, can be an excellent source of candidates. Help the HR in hiring the right person and you earn a referral bonus.
Workplace Celebrations Celebrations create a positive environment of drive and innovation as employees contribute over and above the call of duty. Workplace celebrations range from monthly birthday parties, festival celebrations, rewards and recognition programs, to quarterly team lunch, annual picnic etc.