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Simulates devices and eNodeBs to test the EPC  

The LTE eNodeB Emulator from Polaris Networks offers an easy-to-use, scalable and low-cost alternative to the use of real LTE devices and base stations for testing the LTE EPC. The eNodeB Emulator allows testing in a variety of network topologies thereby allowing effective utilization of lab equipment, reduction in capital expenditure and ongoing support costs associated with a test lab.

The eNodeB Emulator includes UE simulation, and can be used to test the complete LTE Packet Core or individual Core Network elements, such as the MME, SGW or PGW. It implements the NAS and S1AP protocols to communicate with MMEs over the S1-MME interface and the GTP-u protocol to communicate with S-GW over the S1-u interface.

Compared to real UE and eNodeB, the eNodeB Emulator provides greater control in simulating field conditions in the lab and can thereby be used to test the functionality, scalability and performance of the LTE Core Network.

The eNodeB Emulator can also be used with the LTE EPC Emulators from Polaris for an end-to-end simulation of an LTE network on a desktop.


  • Simulates tens of thousands of UEs and eNodeBs on a single system
  • Covers all signaling procedures as well IPv4 and IPv6 data traffic generation
  • Enables testing of error scenarios, for example by configuring the Emulator with invalid IMSIs, APNs or dropping specified signaling messages
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Scripting interface for test automation