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Complete Packet Core Emulation for testing Base Stations and UEs  

The LTE EPC Emulators from Polaris Networks offer an easy-to-use, feature-rich and low-cost alternative to replace real EPC elements in a test network.

The EPC Emulators include the MME, SGW, PDN-GW, HSS/AAA, PCRF, MBMS-GW, MCE, ANDSF and ePDG Emulators and can be used together to simulate the complete LTE Packet Core. They can also be used individually to create a testbed with a mix of real and emulated Core Network elements. The Emulators support all the 3GPP-defined network interfaces and implement all the communication protocols required for core network equipment to operate in an LTE/SAE network.

Compared to real core network equipment, the EPC Emulators provide greater control to simulate field network conditions in the lab and can thereby be used for testing functionality, scalability and performance of LTE base stations.

The EPC Emulators can also be used along with the LTE eNodeB Emulator from Polaris for an end-to-end simulation of an LTE network on a PC.


  • Emulation of multiple EPC nodes using a single system
  • Tests error scenarios by configuring the Emulators to drop specified messages or respond with error indications
  • Simulate network-initiated procedures such as Paging, Bearer Establishment, SMS delivery, CMAS broadcasts, etc.
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Scripting interface for test automation
  • Integrated with IMS in order to enable VoLTE testing