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Test your EPC implementation for conformance to 3GPP standards  

A wraparound test solution for the EPC Node or System Under Test, the Functional Testers create field conditions in the lab by emulating the rest of the LTE network including UEs, eNodeBs, MME, SGW, PGW, PCRF, SGSN, OCS, OFCS, Application Functions and PDN hosts. The Functional Tester includes tests covering all signaling procedures, such as UE Attach, Detach, UE Context Release, Paging, Service Request, Handover, Tracking Area Update, Inter-RAT Mobility, Non-3GPP Access, DIAMETER procedures, and Charging. The SGW and PGW Functional Testers include IPv4 and IPv6 data transfer tests.

Interfaces tested by the Functional Testers
MME Functional Tester: S1-MME, S6a, S13, S11, S10, S3, SBc
SGW Functional Tester: S11, S1-u, S5, S8, S4, S12, Gxc
PGW Functional Tester: S5, S8, S2a, S2b, Gx, Gy, Gz
PCRF Functional Tester: Gx, Rx, S9, Gxx


  • Large number of automated, pre-scripted tests
  • Negative tests covering abnormal and error scenarios
  • Facility to change content & order of PDUs
  • Source code of test scripts provided to enable editing and addition of tests
  • Graphical editor to build packets and tests