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Tests Capacity and Scalability of LTE Core Network Equipment  

The Polaris Networks EPC Load Tester is a comprehensive test solution for evaluating the performance and the stability of LTE EPC nodes, such as the MME, the S-GW and the PDN-GW. Ideally suited for use by manufacturers of EPC equipment as well as for operators deploying EPC nodes in an LTE network, the Load Tester can check both the Control Plane and the User Plane under various load conditions. It can also measure key performance indicators and load-bearing capacity of the EPC nodes of the LTE network.


  • Simulates large number of CIoT devices.  New
  • Generate different types of application traffic.  New
  • Generates traffic by replaying Wireshark Captures.  New
  • Generate Test Reports in HTML format.  New
  • Simulates large number of subscribers with multiple bearers per subscriber to generate heavy load on the system under test
  • Provides a scalable architecture to generate traffic load at desired levels
  • Tests all types of signaling transactions, including UE Attach, Detach, Tracking Area Updates, Handovers, Bearer Setup, Modification and Release, Paging, etc.
  • Generates a mix of Control plane and User plane traffic
  • Changes traffic load and transaction rates dynamically while the test scenario is running without having to restart the load tester
  • Gives accurate performance measurement with Statistics and Traffic Metrics
  • Saves Traffic Metrics and Test Logs periodically in a CSV file
  • Implements all emulated nodes as full state-machine based implementations
  • Simulates both normal signaling scenarios as well as abnormal, or failure scenarios
  • Creates and configures Test Bed and Test Scenarios with easy 'drag-and-drop' operations
  • Provides a scripting interface for integration with existing test automation framework