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A Modular, Scalable, and Carrier-class LTE EPC  

The Polaris Networks LTE NetEPC combines the Mobile Management Entity (MME), the Home Subscriber Server (HSS), the Serving Gateway (S-GW), the Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW), the Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), the Online Charging Server (OCS) and the Offline Charging Server (OFCS) into a single carrier-class, highly-available platform.

The NetEPC is ideally suited for use by the small (Tier II/Tier III/Rural) mobile network operators, wireless internet service providers, public safety network users, government military network users and private enterprise/industry LTE network users.

New In The Product  

  • Multiple PLMN support for International CBRS
  • Enhanced support for CIoT features like CIoT Subscription Profile Configuration and Serving PLMN & APN Rate Control
  • Security related Enhancements such as availability on the security hardened BSR platform
  • Support for enabling tactical networks using features such as SPR Synchronization
  • Support for Local redundancy
  • Support for Multiple APNs with different SGi interfaces for traffic isolation.


  • Includes all components of EPC, viz., MME, SGW, PGW, OCS, OFCS
  • Includes HSS and PCRF functions
  • Delivers both control plane and user plane capabilities required to build an LTE network
  • Distributed architecture, scalable and cost effective to meet requirements of different LTE networks
  • Conforms to the 3GPP Release 15 specifications and has clearly defined road map for later 3GPP releases
  • Available on various carrier-grade platforms