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MCX Tester  

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Tests the Functions, Features and Performance of Mission Critical Communication services  

Polaris Networks' MCX Tester tests Mission Critical Application servers to verify compliance to functional specifications and performance of Push-to-talk (MC-PTT), Data (MC-Data) and Video (MC-Video) over an LTE network. The MCX Tester emulates Mission Critical Clients (MCC) along with LTE devices and base station to test an MCX server over the S1-MME and S1-U interfaces. It supports simulation of standards operations and procedures associated with MCC clients for PTT, Data and Video and as defined in 3GPP Release 14 & 15 specifications.

The MCX Tester provides a framework for users to define their test scenarios for functional and performance testing and includes a library of pre-scripted test cases. The pre-scripted test cases included in the MCX Tester package are based on ETSI 2nd MCPTT Plugtests and normal & negative test scenarios defined by Polaris Networks.

The MCX tester is useful for:
A) Vendors of MC-PTT, MC-Data, MC-Video systems to test their implementation for compliance to 3GPP specifications and the     performance of their application servers.
B) System Integrators and Network Operators during vendor selection and pre-deployment to verify if the MC-PTT,
    MC-Data, MC-Video servers meet functional, performance and inter-operability requirements.

Key Features of the Polaris MCX Tester:  

  • Single test tool for testing signaling and media plane of Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT), MCVideo and MCData
  • Simulates a large number of Mission Critical Clients to stress test MCPTT, MC-Data, MC-Video Application server
  • GUI to configure test bed and create test scenarios with easy "drag-and-drop" operations Includes large number of pre-scripted tests based on ETSI Plugtests

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