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Polaris Networks demonstrates its all-new Mission Critical Test Platform (MCTP) at PSCR 2020: The Digital Experience  

San Jose, California, September 1, 2020 –

Polaris Networks, a leading provider of wireless LTE and 5G Test and Measurement tools, was one of the key participants at the recently concluded ‘PSCR 2020:The Digital Experience’, showcasing the MCTP product in On-Demand & Tech-Demo sessions. Polaris has been a regular attendee at the annual Stakeholder Meeting held by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division. At this year’s virtual event, senior executives from Polaris gave a sneak peek of the latest offering from their product portfolio – the Mission Critical Test Platform (MCTP) - a certification test suite for ensuring Mission Critical Push to Talk / Video/ Data (MCX) devices conform to MCX standards.

The demonstration covered unique features of the MCTP product, like the web based fully customizable user interface and test control, which helps the user to drive test cases based on TTCN scripts being provided by TF-160, with an abstraction to the complexity of the TTCN code. The MCTP also allows detailed test configuration & quick execution with minimal effort along with many other features. Polaris also plans to connect the MCX clients/UEs over LTE network and add UE automation using mechanisms like Rest APIs and AT/MMI commands, in their upcoming releases. The Polaris MCTP is expected to help accelerate Mission Critical Service Deployment in National Public Safety Broadband Network by providing the required test equipment (which can also be used by Industry Certification bodies like PTCRB) to test Public Safety features.

Polaris MCTP product is being developed under the MCVTE project, which is being executed in cooperative agreement with NIST. The MCTP test suite could be soon used by the certification test houses around the world to formally certify the MCPTT devices for deployment in public safety networks.

About Polaris Networks:

Polaris Networks is a global, 3GPP protocol based software solution provider for LTE and 5G technologies. Core network gateways and Test Tools developed by Polaris Networks are actively used by rural and small mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators, base station vendors and wireless internet service providers for industrial and enterprise networks, and public safety and military networks. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA and has R&D centres in Kolkata and Bangalore, India. To learn more about Polaris Networks, visit

Polaris Networks Contact:

Bidisha Tunga
Marketing Communications and Public Relations
Phone# 1-781-652-9603