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nCore Communications Announces the Launch of CoreAccess in Partnership with Polaris Networks  

San Jose, California, September 12, 2018–

San Jose, California, September 12, 2018 – nCore Communications today announced the launch of their product, CoreAccess, which helps combine the LTE core network with various non-LTE RAN. nCore is partnering with Polaris Networks, whose NetEPC is a complete implementation of the core network elements of 4G LTE, an integrated solution for network operators to build on.

CoreAccess allows an LTE operator to connect devices without LTE modems or SIM-card to an LTE core network i.e. enables LTE-based communications with any radio access technology. It removes any network limitations, and opens the network for new and exciting use-cases in Public Safety, Industrial IoT, and Private and Public Mobile Networks. With CoreAccess, there is no need to use dedicated licensed spectrum, or that for an LTE modem or physical SIM-Cards.

The CoreAccess solution allows private network operators or commercial network operators (like CSP or WISP) to use LTE features, like enforcing security by authenticating users and encrypting user data, and making available the ability to deliver and charge differentiated services depending on the class of users or services, but, by using any radio technology that is available for use by that operator. It can also be used by operators to bring brownfield deployments into existence by building additional capacity to enable use of available unlicensed spectrum in existing LTE networks, or to deploy greenfield networks.

"Private LTE networks often require more than what a 'licensed band' LTE network can provide. What we have developed is a solution which facilitates direct coupling of any access technology such as WiFi, Ethernet etc. to the LTE core network while preserving LTE protocols and procedures", said BehzadMohebbi, CEO & President, nCore Communications.

"We have found that many industrial customers for our NetEPC solution hit the availability hurdle for licensed radio frequencies in building their private LTE network. We believe that Polaris Networks partnership with nCore will help our customers in mining, oil & gas, shipping sectors, and even those building LTE networks with the NetEPC for public safety or tactical communications, to overcome the licensed spectrum hurdle by using the NetEPC and CoreAccess with radio equipment for a technology for which spectrum is accessible and best fits our customers use case.", said Aditya Saraf, VP, Sales & Marketing, Polaris Networks.

About Polaris Networks:

Polaris Networks is a global solution provider in the field of LTE Technology, offering a wide range of software for use as test tools in the lab and Packet Core deployment in private and public LTE networks. LTE solutions from Polaris Networks are actively used by Network Equipment Manufacturers, Telecom Service Providers, and Test Labs across several countries. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA, USA and has two R&D centres in Kolkata, India. To learn more about Polaris Networks, visit

Polaris Networks Contact:

Bidisha Tunga
Marketing Communications and Public Relations

About nCore Communications:

nCore Communications is a technology solution provider with headquarters in southern California. By developing new SW solutions, based on existing established technologies, nCore is offering technology and products that have opened new market opportunities for private and public operators, and service providers in far flung areas, such as Mobile, Enterprise, IndustrialIoT and Cloud communications. nCore's technology is leveraging well established technologies such as LTE, Ethernet, WiFi, Satellite, and mmWave Radio in novel ways and exciting ventures to solve long-standing problems such as secure connectivity, mobility and service guarantees, while at the same time providing a scalable platform for supporting application and services. To learn more about nCore, visit