Core Network for Tactical Networks  

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A Reliably, Easily and Swiftly-made Distributed-deployment of LTE EPC for Cellular Networks  

Tactical communication needs-based networks serve the distinctive requirements of the military to deliver voice, video and data services in contingencies. Polaris NetEPC and Unicorn are robust core network solutions used for building 4G and 5G networks respectively in Government Defense organizations. Extremely portable and for use on a wide variety of COTS platforms and configurations, both NetEPC and Unicorn can be adapted to the specific deployment requirements of a fixed network, as in a central command center; or of nomadic networks, as in war zones.

Other than supporting standards-defined features, the NetEPC and Unicorn offer specific extensions supporting use cases in tactical communication by operating as completely autonomous, stand-alone networks or as distributed networks with multiple Packet Cores, or even as Network-in-a-box (NIB) deployed in the field.

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